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21 Lessons of the 21st Century

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Recent Projects

// 2017 - 2018


Building the future of at home personal training.


Facebook Hack: Fundraisers —

Created Fundraising Event product with 4 engineers, 2 data scientists, and 1 content strategist. Feature shipped on Android and WWW with projected increase of donation by $5M per year


Facebook Events  —

Rethinking how to convey the vibe of the events better on Facebook as well as how to make getting together with friends to go to an event easier and more memorable.


Ready for a pick up game? —

Designed an Airbnb for street pickup games Swish. 


Everyone can learn design & code with experiential education —

Shaping how future students learn design tools @ NewCraft (YC '18).


Build a community for side projects —

We see so many passions leaving unfulfilled in the best colleges in the country, so we decided to do something about it. 


Make staying active easy and engaging on college campus — 

We all know college is hard, yet we all make new year resolutions to become the best version of ourselves...through exercising. It is really damn hard, but we are building an app to make it easier.


Streamline restaurants' onboarding onto Grubhub's platform — 

When I came in Grubhub the summer of 2017, the onboarding process for new restaurants is slow, labor-intensive, not user-friendly, and not scalable. We designed a product to transform this process. 


Make Ithaca's public transit system simpler and more reliable — 

The Ithaca public transit TCAT loses trust and reliability within its rider group, because the system is confusing and its information is unreliable.


Concept: redesigning the travel exploration experience — 

Forget about taking notes and screenshots. I've always had a hard time juggling all the info when I am on the road, so I played around the concept of exploring new destinations.


Connect Cornell's innovation pods through Design — 

While Cornell is a school with great diversity, students with different backgrounds hardly interact with people outside of their field of study. 







design / vc / entrepreneurship / documentation

I like making ideas happen and empowering others do the same.

I've created enterprise and consumer facing products at companies like Facebook, Grubhub, and Bloomberg, and have a soft spot for entrepreneurial ventures and Swiss grids.

To me craftsmanship in tech means deep empathy for people's needs, attention to the stories data have to tell, and mastery of the tools.

Can be found binge reading, jotting down random thoughts, browsing ProductHunt, and fangirling founders.





Cornell University / 2015 - 2019

B.A. Information Science & Comparative Literature

Concentrating in Behavioral Science, Data Science & Media Studies


Product Intern
Winter 2016

Data Visualization Intern
Summer 2016

Community Liaison
Fall 2016

Product Design Intern
Summer 2018

The Harbinger
Design Lead
Spring 2018 - present

Product Design Intern
Summer 2017


Ivy Policy Conference
Director of Marketing
Spring 2018

The Thread Magazine
Art Director      
Spring 2016 - Fall 2017

Alpha Kappa Psi
Branding Chair
Fall 2017 - present

Spring 2018

Medium Design Collective  President
Fall 2017 - present

Cornell AppDev
Product Manager   
Spring 2018


Product Design & Development / Product Management / Front End Web Development / Organizational Design / Brand Strategy / Digital Marketing / Graphic Design


Sketch / Framer JS / Adobe Creative Suite / HTML/ CSS / JS / SQL / Python / D3 / Google Analytics / Rhodia + Muji Pens