Empowering the creative community at Cornell




Cornell’s motto “any person, any study” fails at times.

Although the university has seven undergraduate colleges covering virtually all disciplines, there exists a huge discrepancy between the resources allocated to different disciplines.

Such discrepancy inevitably results in a gap between students with different backgrounds. An engineer would never talks to an architect, and an English major never sees a business student.

As interdisciplinary collaboration becomes a valuable asset to all areas of study, a lack of interactions among diverse individuals at Cornell becomes problematic. 


The absence of a open, dynamic and welcoming creative community at Cornell leads to the the birth Medium Design Collective, a organization that aims to synthesize ideas and characteristics from all disciplines at Cornell and beyond through design. A group of design-thinking-driven individuals, we are designers who do not major in traditional design majors yet eager to use design to solve problem more creatively and effectively. 


To build an interdisciplinary collective of organizations and individuals who engage in dialogue and collaborations about design education, culture and movements at Cornell and beyond


Students who want to:

  • learn about design
  • apply design thinking to other disciplines
  • extend their network beyond their majors
  • find a community of creative individuals
  • experiment with medium beyond academic boundaries through our website, publications, and community events


  • Open-Minded
  • Empathetic
  • Inclusive
  • Driven
  • Quirky



^ me Instructing design thinking workshops 😌

^ me Instructing design thinking workshops 😌