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Below is an excerpt from an interview the team did with the Cornell Daily Sun.

What was your app, what does it do, and why did you decide to make it?

Our app is called UpLift. It will be the central hub for all fitness resources and options at Cornell. We decided to make it because we see an increasing demand for a healthy and active lifestyle on college campus and the existing CFC website is hard and difficult to navigate. Students here are busy and stressed, and we want to make staying active easier and more rewarding.

What award did you win, and what benefit comes with it?

We won the A16Z award with a cash prize to help with marketing efforts.

What about the app do you think contributed to your success?

The A16Z representative said that she recognized  the market need for an app like this. She also really liked the UX design of the app.

What's the next step for your team?

Our vision is to not just provide basic information about gyms and fitness classes at Cornell. We want to incorporate all aspects fitness into the app—from dietary suggestions to curated fitness resources—and eventually create a community with a shared passion of staying active and healthy. The app should benefit all members of the local community and should be able to scale beyond Cornell.

Is there anything else in the works?

We want to build the tech and make the app great, but we also want to build a community that is empowered by our tech. The off-line experience will be designed alongside with the in-app experience.