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Reflection on freedom

It’s almost a decade that I came to the States, and I’ve been spoiled with something really special for a long time, that I almost forgot how excited and grateful I was for the simple fact that I got to be free to express, and free to know, although I wasn’t quite free to act. I also realized how I’ve become a lot more complacent with the system, where “freedom” seems to be guaranteed. When I thought I wasn’t free, I challenged and questioned everything, and when I think I am, that intense curiosity wanes.

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The Delta

Creating art for art’s sake is a self-indulgent act. It’s not only dismissive of the role that an artist could play to make a bigger impact, and even more problematic if the message being created isn’t benefiting the system at large.

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Thirsty for truth

Instead of calling for more truth, I’d argue it might be more effective and actionable to advocate for sharing honestly one’s thought process. Being honest means becoming more vulnerable, when sharing with a broader audience increases the likelihood that our perceptions being challenged.

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