Spent all day driving to Boston for Thanksgiving, so fitting in writing was almost impossible today, but would still love to share a moment.

It’s going to be a six-hour drive; the snow covered everything in sight. All we have — my boyfriend and I — are an in-car audio system and each other. We talked, we laughed. Then I decided to share some of the podcasts on crypto with him. I’ve been recently really intrigued by this subject.

We both felt elevated after listening to the hour-long conversation like the world is a bit larger, and there are now more things on the “pending” list. It might not sound right to be listening to a buzzword-filled podcast on a peaceful trip as such, but we felt good after doing so, probably because of the conversation it sparked, and the ideas it inspired; we could snack on those on the road.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about getting better at doing something by doing it every day and making small but consistent progress. It’s the 1% rule, the simple principle called the “aggregation of marginal gains”. When it comes to money, everybody knows compounding is one of the most powerful ideas in the universe.But getting even 1% better in other areas of our lives today, will result in exponential gains tomorrow.

This gain from learning something new, and spending some quality time together, and being in awe with the snow, all are small steps to the top of the mountain that seems so far away at the moment. Like squeezing in this daily writing as we arrived, exhausted and ready for some turkey.