Random things to be grateful for

Happy Thanksgiving.

It’s probably my favorite holiday of the year, where everyone snaps out of their “go go go” momentum and cherishes moments of reflection and appreciation.

First thing in the morning, I wrote down a list of things that I’m most grateful for — a body that can run and jump and squat whenever I want to, a heart that appreciates people, ideas and laughter, and a mind that thinks too much.

Some other random things to be grateful for:

  • No-one can stop me from having our own thoughts.

  • We do not know what will happen in the future.

  • Many of the world’s most interesting people have shared their thoughts and ideas.

  • Music.

  • We can reinvent ourselves a bit.

  • Flying to China in two weeks.

As much as I love to reflect on the problems of the tech and creative community, I still feel incredibly lucky to be a part of it every day. I’ve met some of the most interesting and driven people; their narratives inspired me to start writing again — to capture the fleeting emotions that get lost in cold news press and Twitter feed. The most important lesson that this community taught me is that when you see a problem, you can actually do something about it. I hope I’m actualizing what I’ve learned.

Sharing the work you make publicly is scary, but one of the most worthwhile things I’ve done. Some of the connections I made this year happened spontaneously and serendipitously because of that. It’s magical when it happens, like discovering the perfect pasta in a new city or encountering a writer whose prose gives you hope. I’m lucky I get to do more of that as I enter my full-time career in venture. Meeting founders will definitely inspire more stories, and I hope amidst of all the crazies I get to document this journey with words and pixels.

This will soon turn into a new-year-resolution-ish post, and I’m suffering from some severe food coma right now. Luckily, there are Barry’s, SoulCycle and many more options for me to pay $30 to burn off my $100 groceries! Stay grateful. Stay true.