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Thirsty for truth

Instead of calling for more truth, I’d argue it might be more effective and actionable to advocate for sharing honestly one’s thought process. Being honest means becoming more vulnerable, when sharing with a broader audience increases the likelihood that our perceptions being challenged.

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Moments, not events

Machines will get better and better at re-enacting events, but moments can only be captured by your heart. They are the things we can't see, sounds we can't hear, and objects we can't touch. Moments are made of feelings from that split of a second that could ignite an entire forest and alter one's life course.

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What makes a culture?

It’s too intentional how culture can happen, and this decision seems at least in the past lies in the hand of a few men. Our perception of another culture might just be an exotic fantasy that perfectly captures what we want to see at a particular time, curated discreetly and intentionally by those with the power, money, or vision.

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